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Planning & Analysis

Planning and analysis serves as the foundation for launching a project. Companies often adapt different design patterns or philosophies when planning software or web development projects. This greatly impacts their business processes and approach. Although planning and system analysis serves as a foundation for the launch of any software or website development project, it shouldn't be regarded as the alpha and omega for achieving success with your projects.

Pylogen's Planning & Analysis Approach

We divided our approach into three main categories, Business Analysis where the goal is to evaluate current business models, System Analysis where we look at current and potential systems and the implementation thereof and finally Business Process Re-engineering where we spend most time on devising new process and system combinations that are more cost effective, automated and efficient in administration, communication and management.

Software Development Planning Summarized

To summarize, our main focus is on:

  1. Business Analysis to improve current business processes and communication
  2. System Analysis to improve current systems and their efficiency
  3. Business Process Re-engineering to invent new process and system combinations for exceptional performance

Is planning overrated?

To a certain extent, definitely. We believe however that it is not planning itself that is overrated, but rather the approach to implementing planning that causes it to become troublesome. Planning provides a launching platform for any project, but in the volatile information and communications technology industry change is the only constant. Plans must be capable to accommodate change, and usually at an immense pace. Failure to do so will simply result in failure.